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Cold Chain Packaging

Apex Packaging is a leading distributor and manufacturer of cold chain packaging products. Our products are ideal for temperature-sensitive packaging in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical markets.

Apex’s cold chain packaging product line includes:

  • Insulated shipping containers

  • Temperature monitoring devices

  • Insulated coolers

  • Barrier reflective covers

  • Polystyrene sheets


Prevent chemical contamination due to temperature fluctuations with our advanced temperature controlled packaging


Temperature controlled packaging during storage and transportation of temperature sensitive products. Ideal for cell and gene therapy and products that need to be kept at cold temperatures.


Large selection of cold chain packaging solutions to keep your food products fresh during transportation and storage

Cold Chain Products

Apex Packaging cold chain products are used in hundreds of applications to maintain the temperature within a specified range during shipment and transport. Benefits of cold chain packaging include improved shelf life and preventing spoilage.

Let's Take Your Cold Chain Packaging to The Next Level

Insulated foam materials keep your products within a specific temperature range during shipping and transport.


Insulated Foam

Cold Storage

A variety of cold storage solutions for your food-related products keep food fresher during shipment and transport.


Fiber Pads

Easy to use fiber pads and gel packs with packing cardboard box.


Temperature Devices

TurboTag DR-1 Desktop Reader
TurboTag Session Manager 
TurboTag T-700 series temperature monitoring tags 

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