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Apex Packaging’s insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions meets the most demanding needs in the chemical industry. We offer cold chain packaging that meets regulatory constraints for transportation and storage of temperature sensitive products.

Cold chain packaging ensures that the required temperatures are maintained during storage and transportation. Examples of products that require refrigeration may include:

  • Biologics

  • Insulin

  • Vaccines

  • Blood or plasma

  • Testing reagents

Lab Experiments

Time is money. And the ability to make timely decisions in cold chain management is critical. Loss due to improper handling or transport of perishable food and pharmaceuticals can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars; possibly even millions. The ability to effectively capture and interpret a shipment’s temperature history can help to prevent these losses.

TurboTag® RFID Monitoring Solutions were designed by Sealed Air Corporation, along with technology partners, for temperature control assurance in the supply chain. Representing a cost/performance breakthrough in data logging, with unprecedented ease of data capture, TurboTag® solutions support timely and well‐informed logistic decisions. We have engineered a data architecture that enables kinetic calculations for digital shelf life estimation alongside standard upper/lower temperature limit analysis The cold chain distribution process is an extension of the cGMP environment that all drugs and biological products are required to adhere to, enforced by the FDA.

Therefore all processes that might impact the safety, efficacy, or quality of the drug substance must be validated, including storage and distribution of the drug substance.


Performing thermal testing can also help with validating the cold chain.

Separate temperature data loggers measure temperatures within the product load to determine the response of the package to the test conditions.


As part of the cold chain approval design process APEX Packaging will submit your cold chain pack for verification and validation testing which will include:

  • ISTA, ASTM, ISO and NMFC Testing

  • Atmospheric Conditioning and Testing

  • Cold Chain Testing

  • Certification and documentation options available


TemPreserve BRRR PAK PUR

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TemPreserve BRRR PAK PUR is a low-cost thermal solution for longer duration shipments. It is used as insulation to protect a product from heat transfer. TemPreserve is an excellent material for chemical or pharma applications.


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