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Pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers may require proper temperature controlled packaging during storage and transportation of temperature sensitive products.


Cold chain packaging ensures that the required temperatures are maintained during storage and transportation. Examples of products that require refrigeration may include:

  • Biologics

  • Insulin

  • Vaccines

  • Blood or plasma

  • Testing reagents

Apex Packaging offers cold chain solutions for pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers that are looking for a turnkey approach for storage and transportation.

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube


KevoThermal VIP is a cost-effective thermal insulation solution for longer duration shipments. As more and more pharmaceutical products are developed, drug companies require more effective temperature management during shipment and storage. KevoThemal VIP’s vacuum insulation panels (VIP) are 7-10 times better in insulating performance than conventional insulation. A 1 inch thick VIP has an R value of 36. The smaller, lighter VIP insulation can keep your products within specified temperature range longer.

  • Pharmaceutical Insulated Pak approved 10c – 100c summer/winter shipping profile available

  • Testing Data Furnished upon request

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