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Food Packaging

Apex Packaging cold chain products utilize leading-edge temperature controlled technologies to keep food safer for you. Our expert team of sales and support specialists are here to help you reduce food deterioration and contamination as a result of temperature fluctuation during shipping.

Our cold chain packaging experts can help you choose the best solution for your needs.  Our cost-effective approach to temperature-controlled food packaging ensures you have the minimum temperature related problems during shipping.

Some of our innovative cold chain packaging technologies include:

  • Freshness monitor

  • Longer shelf life

  • Tracking devices


TempShield Bubble 

TempShield Bubble is a low-cost thermal solution for short duration shipments. It is used as insulation to protect a product from radiant heat transfer. TempShield is an excellent reflector of long wavelength radiant heat.


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TempGuard Paper is a low-cost paper thermal solution that conforms to the contents providing smaller cartons and reduced shipping costs. It works with refrigerants ranging from gel packs to phase change materials.


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BRRR Pak EPS and GEL Paks

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